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Curtis, Installation Supervisor, ARJO (Global Medical Device & Service Supplier)

" I had the opportunity to work closely with David for 8 years during his Employment with Arjo. He worked with me on installations of medical devices and we collaborated on several emergency projects together. I believe David to be an excellent team player and caring, hardworking individual, making him the perfect choice for your needs. He used his initiative, taking on more than his share of tasks. Any projects he was assigned were completed way above standards.


A quick learner, David always had a head start with regards to his work. It was a pleasure to work with him, as the management always praised the projects on which we worked together. He is always friendly with everybody in the office and maintains good relationships with everyone, making him a likeable character.


I highly recommend David for any of your medical supply needs.  "

Mr & Mrs. D - Clients

" A big “thank you” ! You folks have been an integral part of Doug & my journey since May,2021. Your suitcase ramp (aka 5-star luggage ramp…a little nod to tourism) has been a Godsend plus it’s very classy looking.

Keep up the great service/products you offer.It was indeed a pleasure doing business with you & I wish you continued success. "

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